Day 6

If I lived today a thousand times over, that still wouldn’t be enough. Today was truly one of my favorites. We started the morning with a lunch trip to Kloof Street House, a delicious and eclectic restaurant on (you guessed it!) Kloof Street. When I asked for her guidance, my cousin Tabor, a Cape Town pro, insisted that we head to Kloof Street House for Sunday lunch because of the live jazz performance they have! Thank you x10000, Tabor, because the jazz made the meal absolutely unforgettable. If you’re ever lucky enough to spend a Sunday in Cape Town, definitely head there but beware: you should probably make a reservation ahead of time!

After a lovely lunch, we browsed down Kloof, popping into a few shops and gathering inspiration for Tess’ budding fashion line that she’s building while here in Cape Town. We ended up in the Company’s Garden, right behind the parliament buildings of South Africa. We strolled a little bit, laughed a little bit, and (I) fed a few squirrels (including an albino one??). Fantastic photo evidence can be found in the gallery. As we were leaving, we ran into the cutest dancing troupe. I’d love to know more about the specific culture/area they were representing, but for the time-being I’ll let you indulge in a video of their performance:

Following a quick walk home (and also a quick change of the Facebook profile picture post-Garden), we grabbed our books and headed out to Camps Bay for the sunset. We lounged on a blanket in the sand and pranced along the coastline, almost as if it was summer! But, sadly, it is, in fact, winter and our toes got quite chilly quite quickly. Around 5:45, we finally watched the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean… not something that people see very often. With the view of Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles, and Lion’s Head in the background, this view was absolutely stunning. So much so, that I literally had to FaceTime my parents (and my second half, Matt Gillam) to show them the gorgeous vista. We stayed in Camps Bay for dinner, grabbing some delicious pizza at a beachside restaurant (Mantra), then headed home for an early night. A few Mad Men episodes later, here we are. Xhosa word of the day is “beautiful”: entle.

One thought on “Day 6

  1. Soo glad you loved it!! Listening to the jazz, looking at the super cool decorations, and eating yummy food at Kloof Street is one of my top 5 favorite memories of my life so far!


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