To all of my lovely readers (the few, the proud), you may have noticed I’ve been relatively (that’s generous) inactive and also the posts have been a bit behind. I was super busy during my last few weeks in South Africa and unfortunately fell a bit off the wagon.

On my (27 hour) journey home from Cape Town, I wrote almost every post from where I left off until present day and was feeling very accomplished but, unfortunately, all of these posts deleted last night when my computer shut down to do some updates.

I still want to share my last days with all of you so, instead, over the next few days I’m going to be posting some bullet points from each day in South Africa. If you want to inquire more, NEVER hesitate to shoot me a text/email/snapchat/carrier pigeon and ask a little bit more about my time because really I could talk about it for years.

If I’m being honest, the best place to look through to really get a sense of my experience is the photo gallery. I love photography and my friends (especially Tess) love taking pictures of me so it really captured most aspects of the experience, especially those outside of the clinic.

Sorry for falling short, but this gives me even more of an opportunity to talk to people in person about this experience… my favorite thing to do 🙂

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