Day 28

  • Closest a day at the clinic has gotten to hellish
  • Madison took the day off, so Skylar and I were the only two interns
  • USUALLY, mothers in the post-natal ward check-in at reception and drop off their baby book so that the “folder men” can pull their files and then deliver the mother’s folder, baby’s folder, and “Road to Health” baby book to us
  • With these three documents, we can finally process the mothers and do their paperwork in the post-natal ward
  • We always complain about the folder men because it feels like they take forever to bring us folders, so we get kind of backed up
  • But TODAY, the folder men were both out sick and we discovered that they truly are the absolute backbone of the clinic
  • Every package we got was an odd combination of one folder (sometimes mother, sometimes baby), maybe a baby book, but never the full collection. Without all documents, we couldn’t finish paperwork or do it properly so we had about fifty mothers waiting until we could get everything sorted out
  • For reference, we usually start paperwork around 9 and end it by noon but today, we couldn’t really start anything until 11:30 and didn’t finish until 2
  • The only bonus of today is that I had time at the end of the day to take a video walking through the post-natal and labor wing
  • Hit the gym then returned home to cook some soup and down some leftover pasta courtesy of Morganne

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